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KC Concepcion's mother Megastar Sharon Cuneta expressed her anxiety over the daring Rogue cover via her Twitter account before it's release on Tuesday

Excerpt from KC Concepcion and Sharon Cuneta's tweets:    
Sharon tweeted this:
"tutti! I'm nervous about rogue! Did u stay your decent self or steal my future daring pose?!!"

KC replied:
"I'm nervous too! Kasi I did the future daring pose. Hahaha don't look na! :)"
In another tweet, KC, whose interview with Jose Javier Reyes is featured in the magazine issue, explained her Rogue cover.

KC tweeted:
"Women have a strength they might not always believe they have... • And that's what my ROGUE Jan/Feb 2012 mag issue is all about. :)"
Revenge is definitely best served cold for singer-TV host KC Concepcion, whose sexy cover photo for Rogue's magazine title is wowing men and women alike. KC Concepcion trended in twitter and facebook, making the rounds of social networking sites on Tuesday. 

Here are some reader reactions on twitter on KC:

David Milan
"Off with his head" probably best describes KC Concepcion's Rogue cover. And that ***... Wow.
23 Jan

in reply to ↑

Mich Dulce
@DavidMilan I know !!!! @kc_concepcion 's butt is beyond EPIC! seriously its perfect! hi kace, congratulations you look HOT!! x

Rogue Magazine
@annecurtissmith Thanks for the retweet Anne!!!!
23 hours

Anne Curtis-Smith
Reeeow! Sexeeeeh! ♥ RT @rogueonline: Styled by @pamquinones makeup by @juansarte snake by (cont) http://tl.gd/fgputi
23 hours ago

Gerard C. Gotladera
KC Concepcion lookin' fine on @rogueonline (http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fb...type=1&theater)
23 hours ago

Thysz Estrada
KC as Medusa. That severed head looks like Pi... nevermind. RT @rogueonline Here's KC Concepcion for Rogue http://twitter.com/rogueonline/statu...240578/photo/1
23 Jan

Sea Ex
our lovely colleagues @rogueonline have just released the stunning new cover with kc concepcion!
23 Jan

Rogue Magazine
@kc_concepcion talks to @DirekJoey "Now, I feel like...let the games begin. I think I've grown some fangs and claws after this situation."

KC Concepcion
First seen on ROGUE. RT @rogueonline: That snake is real by the way, that's @kc_concepcion 's beloved python named Coco #RogueJanFeb2012

mark nicdao

The cover is open for interpretation. Up to you what you want to see.

The photos inside you'll see the new and improved stronger Kc:-) a new year indeed. The article is a Must Read.

During the shoot I saw genuine happiness and contentment from Kc. she's moved on:-) one of our bravest shoot.:-)

KC Concepcion is sexy and sophisticated in her daring magazine pose @ Rogue Magazine January-February 2012 issue . 

The Rogue cover teases with a promotional description: "That can be on the record...The KC Concepcion Confession," hinting a tell-all feature to follow her infamous TV interview in November of last year.

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