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17th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 FAQs

Q. Where is the exact event site?

A. Air Force City, Clark Freeport, Angeles City in Pampanga.

Q. If I want to avoid traffic at the main gate, is there any other way to enter Clark?

A. Yes you can enter thru SCTEX North, SCTEX South, Friendship Gate and SapangBato. For details, you can check out Clark’s website at http://www.visitclark.com/gettingtoclark.html

Q. Is there an entrance fee?

A. A P200 per person contribution to the Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta Foundation allows you to stay in the event site for the whole day. The foundation utilizes these funds for organizing the show and for sending less privileged high school graduates aspiring to take a career in aviation. 

Q. Where can I purchase entrance coupons?

A. You can purchase entrance coupons at the gate, at any SM Ticketnet outlet, or at ROX Bonifacio Global City and ROX Marquee Mall Clark.

Q. What time should I go?

A. It is advisable to be there early. 5am would be an ideal time for you to be at the main entrance so you can avoid the crowd and see the morning balloon flights.

Q. What day should I go?

A. Everyday is exciting for everyone. All the aerial activities happen every day so it doesn’t matter which day you go.

Q. Are the balloons flying everyday?

A. Yes. Weather permitting, the balloons will take of at around 6:30 everyday from Thursday to Sunday.

Q. Do they also fly in the afternoon?

A. Yes but only on Thursday and Friday. The balloons do a fly-in wherein they try to fly back into the main grounds. On Saturday and Sunday, we will do a NIGHT GLOW. This is when the balloons stay on the ground but will inflate beautifully together in the evening. It’s something one shouldn’t miss.

Q. Can I ride the balloon?

A. Yes but it’s on a first-come-first-serve basis. You will need to line up at the Information Booth early in the morning to register for a balloon ride. A contribution of $200 per person for fuel and pilot’s expenses is required. Children should be at least 10 years old to ride.

Q. What other activities can I see aside from the balloons?

A. If you check out the schedule of activities, it’s a whole day of fun flying. After the balloons take off, the other aerial exhibitions follow like skydiving, paragliding, aerobatics, ultralight flights, RC aircraft displays, professional kite exhibitions and more!

Q. Can I try the activities?

A. Yes, just register at the Information Booth for schedules and availabilities.

Q. Can I bring small children?

A. It’s an event for the whole family so bring your grandparents and your kids too! Children 2 years old and below can enter for free.

Q. Can I bring in food?

A. Yes, but there are 50+ food concessionaires who serve delectable dishes -- freshly cooked!
Q. Can we do a field trip for my school?

A. Absolutely! This is one of the most educational activities your school can enjoy. In the past years, schools come in busloads. You can also call us for a free educational tour inside the grounds.

Q. If my company is interested to sponsor the event, what are your requirements?

A. Interested sponsors, may email us at info@philballoonfest.net or call 384-0085.

Q. What if I want to set-up a booth and sell my products?

A. For booth concessionaires, you can email us at flymarket@philballoonfest.net or call 384-0085.


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