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Marvin Reglos, San Beda Freshman Law Student killed in Hazing

Another life was lost due to frat-related hazing

It's been 21 years since the death of Leny Villa from hazing. He was an Ateneo Law student. Now a San Beda law student died from hazing. Note that these students came from reputable law schools. 

It is 2012 already! When will this frat-related hazing stop?
We condemn this unlawful and dreadful act of violence. We grieve over a life that has gone to waste because of the system of brotherhood that employs violence and intimidation as part of its ceremonies and practices. Stop this senseless killing! 

Marvin Reglos' father is a farmer from Isabela while his mother is an OFW in Korea. Marvin Reglos is an only son. He has two sisters. His father said they were working so hard to give Marvin a better life. Marvin's life ended in a senseless death.Condolence to Marvin Reglos' family, classmates and friends.
MANILA, Philippines – A San Beda College student died from injuries sustained in an alleged hazing incident.

The victim was identified on Tuesday morning by his relatives as 25-year-old Marvin Reglos, a freshman law student from San Beda College.

Marvin was brought on Sunday night to Unciano Medical Center by two men on board a red Honda City (WMF 174). He was declared dead on arrival at the hospital.

Two suspects were arrested on the same night Marvin was rushed to the hospital. Alleged fraternity members Erick Edrosolano Castillo, 28; and Bodjie Amorin Yap, 24, were arrested after they went back to the hospital, supposedly to check on Marvin’s condition.

Marvin sustained severe bruises on several parts of his body. He supposedly sustained these bruises during his initiation rites in the unidentified fraternity.

The victim’s remains were later transferred to Antipolo Memorial Homes, where he was identified by his relatives. His father and mother have yet to arrive from Isabela and Korea, respectively.

Lorvie Reglos, Marvin’s sister, said her brother told her during their last conversation on February 18 that he was joining a fraternity.

“Sinabi na po niya sa akin na may fraternity siyang sasalihan. Sabi ko ‘ikaw magisip ka ng mabuti, malaki ka na. Alam mo na ang ginagawa mo,’” Lorvie said.

Lorvie said a classmate of Marvin has agreed to testify on the incident. Authorities have filed murder and hazing charges against the two.

Police said the case is strong against the suspects after they found from their cellphones several text messages, supposedly from other fraternity members, warning not to speak out on the matter or reveal the identities of those behind the alleged hazing.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Marvin Reglos, San Beda Freshman Law Student killed in Hazing
Video Source: GMA News


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