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Vicki Belo and Hayden Kho Jr. break up?

Did Celebrity doctor Vicki Belo and boyfriend Hayden Kho Jr. had break up?

In her Twitter account , Vicki posted earlier today, February 10: “nancycastilogne you can now openly date @haydenjr . You have my blessings. Hope you'll both be happy.”

Meanwhile, Hayden tweeted: “Before things go out of hand: Vicki and I are just having a misunderstanding. Don't make conclusions. There's infidelity issue here.”

Thirty minutes later, Hayden corrected himself by twitting: “I meant NO infidelity issue.”\

 The two had announced that they’re planning to get married this year. 

“Basta 2012, pero secret na yung date,” Vicki said.

“Wala, wala kaming mare-reveal about the wedding,” Hayden said. 

 A reliable source said that Vicki and Hayden will go to the United States together soon.

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