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I know acne won't kill but it can surely kill your self-esteem and drown you into a deep abyss of depression sinking deeper and deeper into the whirlpool.

It sucks when you try your hardest to fix something, yet you never seems to get it done no matter how badly you wanted it to be fixed. 

When I was in my teenage years, I had this kadiri, yucky thing on my face they called ACNE. So I hop from one treatment to the next trying to get rid of my ACNE. I tried my best to be patient in waiting for results to happen and yet I have no such luck.

My classmate Brends availed of Acne treatment from a local store back in Naga that sells astringents. She applied it on her face and had a glossy reddish face after a few days. Maybe the astringent was too strong for her. But it cleared out her pimples so she kept on using them until we graduated from college. She has a very good convincing power too,  so gaya-gaya puto maya that I am, I also bought those astringents which turned out to be harmful to 16 year old girls skin. 

My skin peeled off, turned reddish and became thinner.

Years after when we already have the money to see a dermatologist, the doctor said we should avoid astringents because they strip off the skin of its natural protection.

Acne is caused primarily by clogging of skin pores due to dirt accumulation and excessive production of sebum or body oil so my dermatologist suggested for me to take pills because she said the cause of my Acne is my over active hormones. So in a few months my face cleared up but I could only take the birth control pills for my acne over a period of three months. My Acne Free Skin only lasted for (3) three months. After that period my problem came back again. Making me feel worsts than ever. I got so upset by my Acne that I started to pick on them and instead of getting rid of them I made them last longer. Geez I am so stupid! I did not only scarred my face but my life as well, because those scars made me depressed. I will cry sometimes because I felt so left out and I am embarrassed with my Acne.

Then I started using Tretinoin, which strips off my skin of the first layer and in the process making my skin thinner:-(.

Don't get me wrong, I simply believe all those commercials. I saw the commercials of those products and I was made to believe that they're all safe. Yeah, I know, you are right, I am so trusting. I believe what those marketers convey on tv and in the process makes my skin health worsts than ever before. I felt like I am a lowly individual. It is only later that I learned that prolong usage of Hormonal pills, which are mainly indicated as a contraceptive sometimes causes water retention, weight gain, mood swings, and in the long run, even breast cancer.

When I stopped using their products I had acne as big as a five centavo coins. This is a lesson learned for me I should always consult a dermatologist so I will have safe, healthy skin all the time.

Dermatologists have different Derma package that can costs up to P25,000 pesos. I wanted to avail of derma services often but they're too costly at my favorite skin care centers. I don’t want to pay and then make a trial and error. They don't have labels and I don't know id they have been tested and if they are BFAD approved products . What if they don't work out for me? I will feel bad to have my money go down the drain leaving me to my acne battle alone. What I really wanted is to treat my acne problem.
Then I learned about pro-active solution used by Hollywood superstars in treating their Acne problems. This gives me hope in treating my skin care problems. It is best to get well-tested products passing clinical trials and offers guarantee to consumers. It comes with a 60-day money back guarantee!! Imagine that! This could be the manna from heaven I am praying for. Join me in my quest for an Acne Free Skin.


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