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The lenten Season is just around the corner does it mean we could no longer enjoy our pizza? Well worry not pizza lovers!  Some fellow bloggers and I were invited by Angel's Pizza PR Annesy over to Angel's Pizza resto near Valle Verde. After paying our parking fee we went to Angel's Pizza.  Annesy told us they were introducing to the market Angel's pizza latest offering.
Angel's Pizza latest lenten offering is the Alici Pizza. The Alici Pizza has real anchovies with the freshest and best mouth-watering ingredients. Angel's Pizza put on its latest creation black olives, tomato and mozzarella cheese  and real anchovies which makes it a truly tasty treat. The Angel's Pizza Alici can be enjoyed two ways: 
  1. In thin Crust
  2. and thick Crust
My personal favorite is the cheese flavor pizza. Because they're not as salty as the Alici Pizza. Please expect that the Alici Pizza is salty because the olives itself is salty when you eat it. So if you don't like olives then go for more traditional flavors such as cheese, ham, etc. so you won't be disappointed. I am not allowed to eat salty food so I opted for one slice of cheese flavored pizza which I find delicious. Yes it is yummy for me.
To order from Angel's Pizza please call their Free Delivery Number 922-2222. Check out more of their menu offerings on their website.
In an effort to ensure that its patrons will enjoy their pizzas unimpeded, they have come up with their now popular Angel's Pizza VIP Cards which enable pizza lovers to enjoy eating more of their favorite pizza at affordable prices. Additionally, Angel's Pizza VIP Cards are available to anyone. You don’t have to be a member or anything like that to get a buy one take one deal! Enjoy your pizza! I got several VIP Cards from Annesy which I've given away to family and friends. It is good until August 31, 2012 only.

This is not a paid post. I am not in anyway connected with Angel's Pizza. But if eating one slice of cheese flavor pizza is classified as paid post then this maybe classified as a paid post then.


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