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Miss Universe-Japan finalist is Manileña

I don't know what is it with beauty contests that make us all wide-eyed. Maybe it is because each and every girl has this secret dream of becoming a beauty queen someday and the boys simply can't resist the beauties in parade. We are a country that look up to beauty queens more than  politicians. Reasons? Well answer it yourself :-P!  I know, you know why:-)

Meet Naomi S. Kida the first Japino to make it to the finals of Miss Universe-Japan. Born in Tondo, Manila, in June 1988. Naomi is the daughter of Cristina Rivera Santiaguel of Imus, Cavite and Masami Kida, president of a cement production company. She is said to be fluent in Japanese, English and Filipino, Naomi regularly visits the Philippines and stays in Almanza, Las Piñas, with her aunt.

Standing at 170 cm or 5’7” tall. Naomi is tall by Japanese and Philippine standards.  Her height served her well as a volleyball player in school and as a model.

She made it to the Top 5 of the beauty contest in Tokyo on June 17, 2011.

Her dream is to become a bridge between Japan and the Philippines.

How many contestants joined Miss Universe Japan? 

There were 15 finalists.  

What question did the judges ask you during the finals?

They asked me to describe “fortune” in my own words. My answer was,  “Fortune is making your own destiny through the choices you make.” I said that because of my own experiences, I am who I am now because of the choices I made in the past

Source: Inquirer


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