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I wrote about the spectacular Close-Up Pyromusical year after year simply because I want to share FREE information. It was never a paid post. No freebies whatsoever. What I got is purely the joy of sharing. Then good karma struck. I won two VIP tickets when I entered a contest sponsored by Close-Up @ Izah's blog. Thank you so much Izah Morales for the two VIP Tickets with pica-pica.  My brother and I really enjoyed the spectacular show in the sky! Thanks to you. You are our angel. Huggy hugz <3!

Even if we are promdi, yeah prom da province. (Shame on you Manileno's and Manilena, :-p lol) And amid the traffic and eccentricity of this far away place we found  our way to MOA and to Izah's designated place where she handed out our two (2) complimentary tickets.

There was confusion at first as to where that entrance really is. But my brother and I are fierce travelers and we never accept NO by those people we asked  for an answer. Even if it took us hours before we finally found the ONE! The one entrance where we finally met Izah and partner. You could imagine the bliss of finding that gate, ha ha ha! Oh well, I made my way to China's Great Wall down to Polomok in South Cotabato in Mindanao alone, so how come somebody would tell me I could not conquer MOA? Ha ha ha! Yeah yeah I know, shame on me for missing traveling so much. Hi to my neurosurgeon. Behave po ako :-) Well everybody, at least in my immediate circle, knows that being an aneurysm survivor, I am not allowed to travel very far, be stressed-out or be mad. That's why I will take this opportunity to warn those bitches not to come near me ha ha ha!

I could still imagine Izah's bewildered face meeting us for the first time. I look like someone so harassed, confused even, what with my unruly hair that needed rebonding?  And my pawisan nose? Yeah yeah I know kuya! Well, my kuya said that you need to know that we left at 3 p.m. and finally met you at 6:30 p.m. or was that 7 p.m.?  See Izah, we had to go through hell errr 3 and a half hours of non-stop rides and traffic just to see you and your magical gift. Thank you for patiently waiting for us! 

We were finally ushered to the VIP area and got stamped. We may have VIP tickets but we are lost, I can't find that Close-up booth grrrrr! Then my brother saw the light! They don't have Close up booth but Unilever booth ha ha ha! Imagine me grinning from ear to ear when we made it inside the booth unscathed.

As we waited for the spectacular show to start we had pica-pica and drinks.Then ka-boom! Boom Boom Boom! It's showtime! Yeah!


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