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RICHARD GORDON: Opens FB Page for Help Request

If you need to be rescued, call 143 and 527-0000. You can put a white blanket outside your house so that rescuers can easily locate where you are.

Former Senator Richard Gordon, chairman of the Philippine National Red Cross opens his Facebook page for everyone who needs help. He said that people could directly post their requests for rescue on his Facebook page or tweet him on his Twitter Account
   Richard Gordon, who chairs the PNRC, posted: 

"If you are unable to contact our hotlines as a last resort, please post in my wall on facebook the complete details, so that our volunteers can get back at you ASAP. Again our RED CROSS HOTLINE: 143 or 527-0000 or 911-1876 or 524- 5787. 
The PNRC chairman said they would need to prioritize the elderly and the sick in rescue efforts.


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