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I was born and raised in Bicol. Yes, it is where I grew up- in the eye of the storm.

Yes, folks, we always stock on food at home, in our car, office and in our bags. Because you could never tell when a storm will strike our province. This is because of the not so accurate info by the weather bureau when I was growing up. Sometimes our farm hand look for signs on our surroundings to determine how long the rain will be. Yes, a lot of you may laugh about what I had just said. But that is my personal experience while growing up.

Today, did you noticed the time when the state bureau advised Malacanang? Yes, you are so damn right! Only today, after a lot of people had braved the flood just to go to their respective offices. Why did those people went out when it was already flooded outside due to the incessant rains? It is because they value their work. They don't want to lose their jobs.

Our farm hand, back then could guess if there's a typhoon or rain coming the next day. Yes, you read it right. Before it actually happens. How did they determine typhoons? I will discuss that in another post. I admit, all I want to do now is to sleep all day because of the bed weather. We're lucky we still have electricity.  No one knows how long this climate will last even though the state bureau had announced already that it will last until Wednesday. But, then again, it was corrected by CNN American weather bureau, they insisted it will be up to Thursday. 

It is awful to be stuck in traffic or flooded areas in knee-deep water with a grumbling stomach. It’s always better to be armed with necessary stocks at home like the following food :
Important Items that should be on hand:
Fit everything in one “EMERGENCY BAG,” so it’s easy to locate and grab. 

Cash is king during power outage. Always have extra cash handy. ATM's and Credit Cards might not be available or accessible especially if there's a power outage.

Load up! How can you ask ask for help via text or calls if you don't have a load.

Charge all gadgets especially emergency light, mobile phones for communication, rechargeable radio, rechargeable fan. 

Yes, I have a rechargeable fan in our house aside from my rechargeable emergency light.

Experience thought me it can get warm after the storm and we usually don't have electricity up to one month after a storm had passed.
Improvised flotation device can be made out of empty Soda/ Juice/ Water Plastic Bottles. Just securely tie (very important) the plastic bottles together, 10-20  pieces will do and it can work as a flotation device for one person. An innovative Pinoy made a boat out of this empty plastic containers. See photo above which I saw on Facebook, credits to the owner of that boat
I also saw a picture of a dog with a empty bottles as Life Vest.

If you want to add some valuable tips please feel free to comment. Thanks. I hope you learn a thing or two from my this survival tips. Pray!

Keep safe! God bless us all!


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