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THAILAND: Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

THAILAND: Wat Pho Traditional Thai Massage

The Temple of the Reclining Buddha is also known as the birthplace of Traditional Thai Massage. You should not miss their massage!
Traditional Thai massage is one of the branches of Traditional Thai Medicine and is recognized by the government of Thailand.
If you go around Bangkok or other parts of Thailand, you will see licenses displayed in plaques on the wall of massage shops. Most of said shops only employ licensed masseuses that have earned a certificate from Wat Pho or one of its official branches. It is important that those who perform Traditional Thai Massage know what they are doing because many of the techniques can be dangerous if not executed properly.
In case you want to learn the art of Thai Traditional massage, you can enrol at the Thai Traditional Massage School of Wat Pho or in other schools around Bangkok or other parts of Thailand like Chang Mai . 
The Thai Traditional Massage classes in Wat Pho are open to anyone, including foreign tourists. Traditional Thai massage and medicine is taught at the Traditional Medical Practitioners Association Center, an open air hall outside the temple. 

The basic General Thai Massage course takes 30 hours spread over 5 consecutive days with a fee of 9,500 Thai Baht. So that's around 6 hours a day for 5 consecutive days. 

In any case, don't you dare miss to see the grandeur of WAT PHO in your lifetime.

The massage school at Wat Pho is the most prestigious in the country, and many foreigners take the 120-hour course to be certified in the art of Traditional Thai Massage.
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