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How to Get Philippine Passports For Minor Children

How to Get Philippine Passports For Minor Children

My family and some of my friends asked me to write a post about how to get Philippine Passports for their babies or minor children. Yes, folks. In spite of your babies or children being so cute, adorable and small, they still need passports in order to travel abroad. It is a good thing that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) has made passport application easy with its courtesy lane. For more details, you can opt to call the DFA passport appointment hotline.

So, please prepare the following requirements for your child’s passport application:

1. D
ownload the form from the DFA website or you could go personally to the nearest DFA office.

2. Accomplish the passport application form.

3. Original Birth Certificate from the National statistics office (NSO).

4. If parents are married, Marriage Certificate of parents on printed Security Paper (i.e, authenticated by the NSO). Please prepare two (2) sets: a) one  original and b) one photocopy.

5. Photocopy of valid passport of either parent (if minor is a legitimate child)/ of mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) or identification documents (click HERE for the list of acceptable IDs).

6. Document of identity with photo, if minor is 8-17 years old (for first time and renewal applicant) such as School ID or Form 137 with readable dry seal.

For minor applicants who never attended school, a Notarized Affidavit of Explanation executed by either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / by mother (if minor is an illegitimate child) detailing the reasons why the child is not in school, is required.

7. Notarized Affidavit of Support and Consent to travel from either parent (if minor is a legitimate child) / from mother (if minor is an illegitimate child).

8. Original and photocopy of valid passport of the person traveling with the minor.

Click HERE for additional requirements if -

a. minor is not traveling with either parent or is traveling alone; 
b. both parents are both abroad;
c. minor is legitimated by subsequent marriage of parents;
d. minor is illegitimate but acknowledged by father;
e. minor is a foundling;
f.  minor is an orphan;
g. minor is an abandoned child;
h. minor is legally adopted;
i.  parents' marriage is annulled or parents are divorced;
j.  mother is likewise a minor.

At the courtesy lane of DFA, you will be directed to the steps from submitting the document, paying for the passport fee, having your baby’s picture taken and for the passport delivery service.

The DFA courtesy lane are for the following:
Good news folk! You don't need an appointment unlike the regular passport application. And the whole process can be done in less than an hour!

For more information, you can contact DFA at 556-0000/737-1000 or email epassport@dfa.gov.ph/passport.oca@yahoo.com or visit the official website for passport appointment: http://passport.com.ph/

The new DFA Office of the Consular Affairs is now located at Aseana Business Park, Macapagal Blvd. corner Bradco Ave, Brgy. Tambo, Paranaque City. The building is behind S & R and just across McDonald's along the road going to SM Mall of Asia at the Aseana Business Park.

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