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CARRIE LUPOLI a.k.a "Chief Mum": Up Close and Personal

CARRIE LUPOLI a.k.a "Chief Mum": Up Close and Personal
Fisher Price, the popular educational toy brand that everyone loves brought to the Philippines, sought after International Parenting and Child Development Consultant Carrie Lupoli through Fisher Price Joy of Learning (FPJOL) workshop last June 16, 2013 held at Crowne Plaza Manila. Hundreds of mothers learned a lot from the workshop. 

It is not everyday that we get the honor to met a mother with so much passion and love to share to everyone. In this crazy world, where you hear and watch news about parents who molests their child Carrie Lupoli is a breath of fresh air. 

So, do you know what it takes to be a parent?
Carrie Lupoli a.k.a. Chief Mum is a mother of two adorable little girls. She is also the official "Chief Mum" for MumCentre.com, a family of parenting websites in Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Philippines. She is also the founder of Live and Learn Asia in Singapore and a spokesperson for Mattel Fisher Price.

It is a good thing that my blogger friend Glaiza (courtesy of Richprime Global Inc. the distributor of Fisher Price toy) asked me to join her and other selected bloggers to have a brief interview with Carrie Lupoli just before she left the Philippines. And boy was I glad for the chance to be up close and personal with Carrie Lupoli. 

You ought to listen to Carrie Lupoli because she has tons of lessons to share regarding child rearing and being a mother. 
Carrie Lupoli's Helpful Tips on how to properly raise your kids :
When asked who her mentors were and how she prepared for motherhood. Carrie Lupoli admitted that she struggled having children and was so occupied of being a mom that she didn't have time to prepare for it.

"I struggled to be pregnant. I had a tricky pregnancy then I had a tricky delivery and then I ended up adopting my second child and I've been fighting so hard to get pregnant that I forgot to even check how to be a parent. I don't even know what to expect on the first year. Because by then I got so busy being a mom that I didn't have time to sit to read."quips Carrie Lupoli.

Carrie Lupoli's experiences made her so passionate on helping moms and wants to give practical solutions on preparing their children when they go out in the real world. She also noted how her mother and mother-in-law helped her in the process of raising her children. In fact, her relationship with her mom improved and grew stronger when she became a mom.

Bloggers(Left -Right) Tin,Vance,Cha,Carrie,Glaiza,Monika, Lai Kwan Wong.

Carrie Lupoli's Final Message to all of us: Live and Learn!

Special thanks to Miss Lai Kwan Wong, Brand Manager of Fisher-Price South East Asia, Ms. Julie, Glaiza and Ms. Liann Eugenio of Richwell Club for setting up the interview.
For more information please visit www.facebook.com/richwellclub.
Know more about the Fisher Price's Laugh and Learn Collection at www.richprime.net
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