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The Angry Rock

The Angry Rock
Used and abused, the rock is now angry, said Kendrick, the son of a fellow blogger. We saw this angry rock at the United Nations (UN) office here in the Philippines. This is the first time that I saw an angry rock up close and personal.

All the rock wanted to do is to be able to help. In a sudden turn of events, after the rock tried to help, the rock is at the losing end and has lost face because of abusive people who used and abused the rock. Sad but true.

I don't know with you guys but like the rock I hate it when other people used and abused my kindness. Maybe it is easy for some people to utter a vow or promise and never bother to fulfill it after they got what they wanted. Growing up, our parents instilled in us the value of 
"Palabra de Honor" or "word of honor." We sell goods and services even at a loss if we already agreed upon the price beforehand. In the world of business, word of honor is king. 

Some people has the nasty habit of not fulfilling their promise because they oftentimes get away with it. Yes, by twisting the real story. But what they never realized is the stigma when their company or name is brought up. Now, will you be happy to know that people from yesteryear would say bad words when they hear your name because of an unfulfilled promise? Yes, behind your nasty back!

Since time immemorial Chinese merchants trade and conduct business even in the absence of contracts and written agreements. Why is it so? It is because most Chinese, if not all, has a "word of honor:" How about you? Do you have a word of honor?

Remember this: Once you have voluntarily made a vow, see to it that you fulfill your promise. Walk The Talk! If you’re going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Don't promise anything if you could not fulfill it.

In conclusion, all I can say is 'talk is cheap'!

Bato bato sa langit ang tamaan huwag magagalit!  

Note: The author is not referring to anyone in particular.  So don't be mad. Be cool!
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