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All of us passed this stage one way or another. If you can't relate, ikaw na! Even hunks like Xian Lim and Kean Cipriano plus pretty Kim Chiu admitted that they all passed this stage, the so called unrequited love.
Bakit nga ba hindi ka crush ng crush mo? (Why is it that your crush does not have a crush on you?)

Here are several possible answers from the author of the book (from where the title of the movie was adopted):
  1. Pangit ka sa paningin niya. ( You're ugly in the other person's' eyes.)
  2. Bakla siya o Tomboy siya, sorry dude hindi kayo talo. ( He is either gay or a tomboy so it's not you. It's the other person who has a problem.)
  3. Wala kang kotse. ( You don't have a car.)
The three stars shared that time in their lives when they asked this very question to themselves. Bakit nga ba hindi ka crush ng crush mo? Here you go:
Kim Chiu told us that she used to play all kinds of sports just to be with her crush and she would join him everywhere, be it in school, gym or wherever he said he'll be going, only to find out he's no longer there. Like for example her crush told her he will be playing basketball at the gym, she would insist she join him and watch him play only to find out he's no longer at the gym, the location he indicated.
Xian Lim related also that he was a bit nervous whenever he saw his crush. One day he bumped into her and because he was nervous he unintentionally shouted hello to her but still the girl ignored him.
Kean Cipriano relates that when he was still a kid, he had a crush on his playmate/ neighbor in his village. He said they had a date at the seesaw playground (so he thought ). One day while playing, he asked for a time out to fix his shoe lace, then when he looked up the little girl throw the ball straight to his face. Ha ha ha! That is when he realized she doesn't like him one bit. 

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