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LAPTOP: Best Deals Around Town

LAPTOP: Best Deals Around Town

My name is Cha and I am a shopaholic. My twitter handle is girl_greenscarf and now you know the reason why :-)

I was recently browsing online to survey the most reliable laptop with value for money when I came across Save22.com.ph

Save22 turned out to be a great site. It raves about ongoing promotions and hot mall-wide sale, price slash-offs and other deals. Looking at those deals makes me wide eyed! It definitely triggers the shopaholic in me. Though I am fond on researching online, I don't buy online. Why? Because of credit card security issues plus nothing beats the feeling of touching an item before you pay for it .
At first, I was quite skeptical but when I tried looking for laptop deals on the save22 website, I was happy with the result.

I didn't expect to find anything special because you know how those online stores operate. They'll post something cheap one moment and when you blink your eyes, it is no longer available, leaving you with a heavy heart. 

I was so surprised when I got several results for my search at http://www.save22.com.ph:

Blessing in disguise.

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Save22 is an ideal site where you can research leading retailers’ promotions and catalogues online before you go shopping offline. 

I am now a proud owner of an ASUS Vivobook:
 and Samsung Tablet 2.
Thanks for the heads up http://www.save22.com.ph !
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