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MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013: Miss Philippines

MISS INTERNATIONAL 2013: Miss Philippines
 Congratulations to Miss Philippines Bea Rose Santiago! We are so proud of you! 
Miss Bea Rose Santiago has beauty, brains, wit and elegant composure, grace, poise, eloquence and vibrant personality. 
Our #Uragon #Kababayan bagged the title when she was asked this question: What will you do if you win Miss International 2013? Watch the video below and feel her heartfelt answer!

Photo Credits: Bea Rose Santiago's FB Account an Miss International FB


The newly crowned Miss International 2013 is Bea Rose Santiago from Cataingan, Masbate, Philippines.

Bea's speech:
"The whole world saw how my country the Philippines suffered, the agony of my people was felt, but, one by one, country to country came to help. I would like to thank all the nations that helped my country...in our darkest hours you have opened my eyes and my heart on how important it is if we all just support each other..If I become Miss International, I will uphold international camaraderie to sustain the spirit of sympathy and to continually share the message of hope. I believe now that whatever calamity may come to us, as long as we have each other , there will be HOPE!" 
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