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THE WINE BAR 1771: Beautiful Sunset Wedding & Reception Setup

THE WINE BAR 1771: Beautiful Sunset Wedding & Reception Setup
My brother and I were invited to witness the set up of The Wine Bar 1771 for a real wedding and reception yesterday. 
The two-in-one wedding and reception table setup was so lovely. The charming rustic feel makes you want to daydream and plan for your own wedding. I love how the natural sunlight illuminates through the French windows. 
The Wine Bar wedding reception table setup has that rustic, cozy and intimate feel. 
There are beautiful flowers on each table along with large rose cactus on wooden vase. The eco-friendly recycled wine bottles used as flower vases are so cute. Each table has a different wooden number that matches the guests seating assignment. I could spend hours swooning over the breathtaking floral arrangement. The venue's setup also includes fine china, elegant silverware, stem glassware and beautiful centerpieces all set in each table.
The table napkins on each table have individual cupcake souvenirs which add to the picturesque feel of the reception.
The rustic style of this reception is perfect for the sunset wedding.
I so love weddings! Weddings make my heart sing with joy. 
The Rustic Autumn Wedding Cake has multi colored leaves design. The wedding cake is very romantic and cheerful. Simple yet elegant. Those tiny autumn leaves radiates happiness and satisfaction on a lazy afternoon.
The large wedding scroll is so unique. Lovingly done by the stylist of The Wine Bar 1771. The old typewriter, hardbound books and colored bottles add to the rustic feel of the wedding set up. The Wine Bar 1771 is indeed the perfect venue for any occasion!

Your wedding day is one of the most exciting days of your life so you must only have the best. If you want a beautiful celebration that will make your dream wedding come true, consider the elegant reception hall of The Wine Bar 1771. It has various distinctive menu at affordable prices to suite your budget. It accepts wedding reception setup for a minimum of 40 people to 60 people. 

The Wine Bar 1771
2F Cafe 1771, El Pueblo Real de Manila, 

cor. J. Vargas & ADB. Ave, Ortigas Center, Pasig City
35 36 37 38