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MALDIVES: Coleen Garcia's Vacation Photos

MALDIVES: Coleen Garcia's Vacation Photos
Velassaru Maldives is my ultimate dream vacation destination.  And local showbiz stars Coleen Garcia and her boyfriend Billy Joe Crawford spent 8 days frolicking in the sand of Maldives, said to be a paradise on earth.
Look at those beautiful stilt cottages, gentle waves, white powdery sand, pretty clouds and sunny skies.
Anyway, here is Coleen's mantra for this year 2015 which she wrote on her instagram account:
“Today I’ve decided to center my life on the things that really matter to me. I’ve realized that I have absolutely no time for negative emotions because I choose to focus on what makes me happy and on what makes me better. I choose to continue growing and learning. And appreciating. Fill yourself with gratitude, and there won’t be room for anything else that isn’t needed.” 

Go, girl! Happy New Year!

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