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Remember that when you utter words without giving it a value you become a person without a word of honor. 

Question: "At this age and time do you still practice "Palabra de Honor" or "Word of Honor" in simple English?"


Wink, wink! Oh yes, you are so right, it is the oh so precious palabra de honor
That was my uncle Julian's answer when I asked him how he became a self-made man. It was the secret of his success!

I know, there's no sure formula to success but I know for a fact that in order to be super successful in life, one should never forget his or her word or words he or she had promised to another person or a group of people. 

During one of our many conversations, I still clearly remember my late uncle Julian's words: "Even if you are at a loss or at a disadvantage honor your word"  

"ln our generation, nobody will respect you if you do not keep your word,"uncle Julian quips.

How I wish people in this time and era still has the same values as my uncle.

It is unfortunate to know that many people will go the extra mile just to break signed contracts and agreements just because of false pride and false success that had gone to their heads.

Some people easily break their word because of various factors such as the following:
  • it is their parents’ upbringing
  • they never encountered a successful person who have palabra de honor
  • or maybe they totally missed values education in their respective schools
  • and plausibly, technology.
So, the next time around you transact with people make sure they still practice "Palabra De Honor" so you'll be stress free!
Smile, God loves you!
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