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Good news to all Filipinos who love everything Korean!  Yes, that includes you, you know who you are, Koreanovela addicts, Korean food lovers and K-Pop fans!

Hmmm.... Koreanovela addicts must be thinking hard where the heck they saw Zoo coffee (주커피) before! Well, you're not imagining things. You saw Zoo Coffee from the K-drama "The innocent Man" (착한남자).

All their cafe scenes were filmed at Zoo coffee, including those scenes where Kang Choco (강조), Kang Maru’s sister was working in the cafe.

The first ever branch of Zoo Coffee Korea is now officially open at Alphaland Makati. Just outside the cafe' is a towering life-sized giraffe! Whoahhhhh! The giraffe is so huge! He's practically a foot away from the ceiling!

This is the Zoo Coffee angle from inside the Alphaland Makati premises.  Outside seating and alfresco area are available on both sides of the cafe'.

The Coffee shop's view at the left side corner of the main entrance.

Safe and hygienic stuffed animals greets you upon entering the cafe. The life size stuffed animals throughout the coffee shop attracts not only the kids but also the kid at heart. 

Meet my date at Zoo Coffee Mr. Panda. Like me, he loves the hot Ginseng Honey tea too!!!

Once inside you'll be transported to a whole new world of animal prints and stuffed toys! 
Starting with the jungle and Zebra light box counter that is very detailed and makes your imagination flies and transport you to a virtual African jungle. 

You would not miss this giant artificial tree smack right at the center of the cafe' with toy monkeys and snakes hanging on its branches.   This giant size tree has a real peels of Platycaraya strobilacea (touch it and feel the peel!) dominates the landscape of the cafe'. 

At the side of the food counter,  you would find a white tiger and a giraffe looking intently at those glorious food display.  The presence of these stuffed animals and tree brings out the jungle theme of this one-of-a-kind cafe.

Not to be missed is the exotic wall silhoutte (Barrisol)! I love its soft light. It is like a backdrop of a twilight in the African plain.

Inside the cafe' friends and colleagues could hold meetings and have a nice conversation. Look at those walls in zebra print.  

Alone? Brokenhearted? Don't worry you can hug and have a coffee date with the cafe's safe stuffed toys manufactured by a company that manufacture non-toxic dolls.

A customer having a tête–à–tête with a cute panda and a gorilla at Zoo Coffee.  Well, he's checking his phone so I guess he's inviting his friends to join him at the cafe'.

Various pictures I took inside the Zoo Coffee.

The giraffe shelves is so cute!  I absolutely love this! The collectible mugs looks amazing on it!  Please take note of the little giraffe on its side. Isn't he adorable??? So cute!

The second picture shows the Zoo Coffee executive from Korea. He is cute too! Ha ha ha! Sir/ Mr. Executive please let me taste the bestsellers for free! I am not joking. Ha ha ha!

Zoo Coffee Philippines spokesperson hugging Mr. Panda 

Various food choices awaits you at Zoo Coffee. Prepare to shell out at least a few hundred bucks for a simple order.

The owners are so kind they let me taste their banana waffle for free during the blog conference.  It was good. The bananas are real and not the powdered banana.  But I am looking forward on trying their bestsellers next time around.

This taste like 7-11's hot dog sandwich. It was good. Please offer rice meals for us Filipinos in the future.

I have not taste this. I only took a quick photo of it when it was served to another blogger.

You have three cup sizes to choose from for your coffee or tea. Note the animal print on their take-out cups. So cute!

Gelato's different flavors at Zoo Coffee.  I was not able to taste this because they did not served this to us.

The various nooks and corners are very ideal for an instagramable selfie. 

Verdict: 3 stars ***

The coffee is average. The prices are affordable. The service is friendly. An interesting place to have a cup of coffee.

The next time you find yourself bored and without a date try to drop by Zoo Coffee and enjoy its food and the atmosphere it has to offer. I think the zoo like environment of the coffee shop will help you educate your children about loving other God's creation. 

Zoo Coffee
G/F Alphaland Makati Place, Ayala Avenue Extension cor. Malugay Street, Bel-air, Makati 

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Be a blessings to others!

Be God's vessel!



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