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IVANA CHUBBUCK: Acting Coach to the Hollywood Stars Up Close and Personal

IVANA CHUBBUCK: Acting Coach to the Hollywood Stars Up Close and Personal

"There is no ceiling. Human Beings could be anything they like to be!"- Ivana Chubback

Yes, dear aspiring actors and actresses! You probably have heard already about the Chubbuck technique one time or another. And guess what?  Ivana Chubbuck herself is here in Manila in the flesh! The author of book "The Power of an Actor" and the creator of the very popular Chubbuck technique used by many award winning actors & actresses in Hollywood will be holding a 2 (two) day Masterclasses in Manila! All together now- yeeeeheeeyyyy!!

Yes, that dream of yours to become an effective actor or actress is now an arms length away if not an inch closer! Be an observer and attend the two (2) days Ivana Chubbuck 2 (two) days master classes on September 3 to 4 at Dolphy Theater inside Abs-cbn compound.  See her live in action on how she coaches actors and how she transforms them from a mini to a biggie, from a flat 1 to a perfect 10! She's absolutely a gamechanger according to everyone who attended her classes. 

Maybe this is the answer to your prayers to be a Hollywood actor/actress! Invest to the series of classes using the Ivana Chubbuck technique and improve your craft. Upgrade your acting skills. Raise your chances, up your score, advance your knowledge. After all, no one could ever tell what's in your future! You might be the next big thing in Tinseltown!

Ivana Chubbuck has revolutionized fear and turned it into something productive through the arts.

Correct me if I am wrong, based from what I understand from Ivana herself during the question and answer portion, Ivana Chubbuck's technique channels the negative experiences of a person into a positive force.  If that is correct then that is so refreshing! I heard it is an effective way to allow the actor to stop acting and really be in the scene.

Ivana is a rule breaker and at the same time a healer of scarred souls. 

Why a rule breaker? Adherence to the rules? Boundaries? Ahh, Ivana defies all of these by breaking free from the norm and winning big time with her unique principles.

Mind you, this technique is applicable even to those in the singing industry, theater and to life itself. Did you know that Beyonce's acting coach is Ivana when she made the movie "Dreamgirls"? Beyonce got a lot of acting offers after that movie but Beyonce decided to quit acting and applied what she learned from the Ivana Chubbuck technique to her music videos and had dominated almost all mtv music awards since!

Tom Cruise, yes that Tom Cruise with so many acting awards under his belt, paid his tuition to Ivana Chubbuck by working as a chicken mascot in a restaurant when he was just staring out in Hollywood. He invested in his future and honed his acting skills and look at the fruits of his labor now! Amazing, isn't it?

The 69 year-old Sylvester Stallone, tired of being a hum actor all throughout his 30 year plus career asked for Ivana's help and had a one on one sessions with the exemplary coach. The Ivana Chubbuck technique had earned for Sylvester a nomination to a major award giving body.

Halle Berry profusely thanked Ivana for her help when she recently received an acting trophy. All other actors in Hollywood who had trained with Ivana has nothing but praises for her. It's beyond words. You ought to discover for yourself how it is to be trained by the Ivana Chubbuck!

It is amazing how Ivanna Chubbuck turned something negative into positive.

A breath of fresh air, that's Ivana! She's a very down to earth and a very nice person. She smiles a lot and I find her so charming. The Pilar Pilapil deadringer is so gorgeous in person.  

"I studied anthropology in college and not the arts," Ivana confesses.

Ivana ended up in the field of arts through her technique which she teaches to different people and brings to different parts of the world. Her book Power of an Actor had been translated to more than 12 languages incuding Japanese, Italian and Danish among others.

During the press conference early this afternoon. Ivana shared that when she was younger she was self destructing but a victor that she is, she reinvented herself from an actor to a full time acting coach in Hollywood.  Why? Because she realized that she enjoys teaching more than acting in front of the camera. I was left in awe when she speak with so much passion and said that she turned all her negativity and fear into something very productive and developed the Ivana Chubbuck technique that became so popular in Hollywood. Ivana believes that fear is universal. Along the way she discovered that her client in the US has the same fear with her other students in other countries as well.  She likened all her students to one big family whose fear and basic wants and needs are basically the same no matter where they are in the world. She observed that fear transcends religion, race and color.

I was so overwhelmed when I got to read the names of her Hollywood clientele. It is a wow as in super wow! Bigatin!!! As in! Hays, direk and Ivana that made me more curious what is the Ivana Chubbuck technique and why is it so popular?

Director Ryan Carlos is the only Asian to date which was authorized by Ivana Chubbuck to teach the Ivana Chubbuck technique

You survived. You are presently here in a space in the universe. Turn your fear as your greatest asset. Enroll now at ABS-CBN for the Ivana Chubbuck technique under the guidance of Director Ryan Carlos.

See you in Hollywood!

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