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Motorcycle Ride

Motorcycle Ride

I was only a few years old when I first rode a motorcycle.  Growing up, it has always been my dream to own a motorcycle. But when my dad had an accident in his motorcycle we were all ordered not to use a motorcycle, yes not even as a rider.  Why? Because one can die in an instant using this two-wheeled ride,

Nowadays, we were all use in having everything in an instant. Fast food, instant coffee, instant noodles are all in demand because of this demand for instant food and drinks!

That is why someone came up with a conclusion that even life is now an instant thingy!

So, be careful at all times follow the rules and regulations. Use proper gears and protective helmets and never wear black on black always use glow in the dark stickers if your lights are busted!

Enjoy the ride and keep safe!

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