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DJ Mo Twister trended the hashtag #Charice and PempengcoSexTape

DJ Mo Twister (Mohan Gumatay) is notorious for creating buzz.. DJ Mo Twister is almost always successful in trying to stay in the public eye even though he is no longer in the Philippines. 

DJ Mo Twister is in the news again lately because of DJ Mojo accusing him of being “fraudulent, physically and verbally abusive”.

Second, DJ Mo Twister and his fellow Good Times co-hosts Tin Gamboa and Mia Bayuga on Magic 89.9 decided to trend a cruel joke on Twitter.  They decided to use the hashtag #charicepempengcosextape ( Charice Pempengco Sex Tape ).  The hashtag trended nationwide for several hours and actually generated a response from Charice herself.
“@djmotwister you are…unbelievable.”
“@djmotwister too bad. Remember, you interviewed me? I thought you were nice. anyway, I should talk to you FACE TO FACE. :)
Due to this, the host (who is actually now based in New York) and his fellow co-hosts have been suspended from the radio show for two weeks without pay.

Today’s Best Music Magic 89.9 has issued an official statement saying:
The management of Today’s Best Music Magic 89.9 does not condone what happened this morning, May 9, 2012 on GoodTimes. As a joke, the 3 DJs started an objectionable hashtag about Charice Pempengco on Twitter. An Apology to Ms. Pempengco shall be made tomorrow morning, May 10, 2012 on the said Radio Show. Furthermore, as self regulation, The DJs involved shall be suspended from boardwork for Two Weeks without pay as consequence of their actions.
 I don't know if being controversial is what makes DJ Mo happy. When will he ever learn his lessons?

Update: Mia Bayuga tweet an apology
 Followed by Mo Twister's apology to Charice also on Twitter.

 Tin Gamboa also issued an apology to Charice on Twitter.

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